Meet the Director

Energetic. Playful. Casual.

Those three words describe me – as a person, as a mom, and as a preschool teacher. I’m Jen Simpson, director of The Kids Spot Preschool.


I’m the consummate morning person; I bounce out of bed at 6 a.m., make coffee, and then sing to my young adult kids to wake them up (they hate that… and yes, they’re still living at home).

I’m a true extrovert–being around others energizes me–and I feel as if something’s out of sync when I’m not around other people.

Like the Energizer bunny, I keep going… and going… and going. My energy level remains steady all day. I unwind by working on projects, such as refinishing and painting a piece of furniture. Before I go to bed, I enjoy reading my Bible, a good novel, or a Max Lucado book.


“Jen will put on the party because she knows all the best games.”

That’s what my friends and family say about me. And they’re right; I love to play games.

I believe preschool should combine learning and fun in a casual, yet structured environment. I’m committed to teaching concepts through games and music. When the children learn a Spanish word, for instance, we’ll put the word in a song, we’ll color the word, and we’ll play a game that centers on the word.


When you bring your child to The Kids Spot, expect to see me wearing jeans, a t-shirt, an apron… and perhaps a touch of makeup.

Why direct a preschool?

After 20+ years of teaching children in a church environment and parenting three children (all of whom are now in college), my husband and I adopted an infant daughter from Guatemala.

I’ve always enjoyed working with kids, and after the arrival of our daughter in 2008, I started The Kids Spot. Teaching preschool allows me to combine my passion for working with children with my love of serving others.

Prior to opening The Kids Spot, I was involved in social work, counseling pre-teen and teen girls who had experienced childhood trauma. I still work with girls as a personal ministry. My family is involved in a local church; my husband, John, is a pastor there and we lead a recovery ministry. Our three college-age children are also involved in ministry.

I view The Kids Spot as a safe, nurturing environment that will prepare your child for first grade and give your child the opportunity to interact with other children.

I’d love to get to know you, and to show you our facilities. To schedule an appointment, please call 425.870.3315.